Everyone’s got a story

Jessica Lewis

No really, judging by the stack of Ghastly Ghost Story submissions on my desk, everyone really does have a story.

Last year was the first year I was involved in the Ghastly Ghost Story competition, and I was thrilled at the response. At the end of last year’s competition, I had received 46 stories.

I love Halloween, and I love reading a good scary story, so when this year’s competition came around, I was thrilled at the idea of reading another fantastic round of stories.

Although the response to last year’s competition was great, I was nervous as the deadline for submissions drew closer. As of last Friday, I had a total of only five stories. My fear, however was for naught. With a few hours left before the entry deadline, I have already received more than double the number of entries from last year.

For the last day and a half, I’ve spent hours hunched over my computer, reading, typing and forgetting all about my other appointments. Stories about ghosts, werewolves, mutant pumpkins, vampires and serial killers are littering my desk, and more, I’m sure, will come in before the office closes tonight, and I’ve enjoyed every single one.

I’m always amazed at the talent I see in so many Chenango County residents, and this competition has been no different. Some of the stories were scary enough to give me goose bumps, and with so many great stories to chose from, I’m sure the judging this year, will be no easy task.

But I can’t steal all of the fun. For your reading enjoyment, the winning stories will be published in The Pumpkin Vine, a special section included in next Thursday’s edition of The Evening Sun, and all of the stories will be posted on the web site before Halloween. Happy reading.