Bosses Day

Tyler Murphy

Boss, chief, director, president, principal, chief executive, chair, manager, supervisor, foreman, overseer, controller, employer, owner, proprietor, number one, kingpin, top dog, bigwig, big cheese, head honcho, big kahuna and the man. (or the woman)

For those of you that don’t know today, October 16 is National Bosses Day. I wondered earlier about why bosses needed a day to my editor Jeff.

“So there’s a National Bosses Day?”

Jeff: Yeah, what did you get me?

“Why do bosses need I day, mean it seems you have it pretty good too me, better pay and you get to be in charge.”

Jeff: Plus you can torment employees at a whim.

(I missed a hint.)

“It just seem to me it’s one of those holidays that doesn’t really mean anything and just got tossed into the band wagon like United Nations Day. (Oct. 24) Seems lame why do need a day anyway?”

Jeff: Increased burdens of responsibility, leadership, resource management, mediation, these things ringing any bells? How about having to interview people and sometimes let them go….

Jeff stared at me for a second.

(I curiously wondered if I had missed a hint)

“Sounds like vanity to me.”

Jeff : Maybe some employees need a boss day to remember how lucky they are to have a job.


“Happy Bosses Day Jeff.”

Jeff: Thanks Tyler….What did you get me?

These versions of events are complete fiction and obviously Bosses Day is an important holiday to all employees wanting to keep a job or who actually have a good boss. (One for example who can take a joke)

All kidding aside, Happy Bosses Day To my editor Jeff and all the other administrators out there.