The Revolution

Jessica Lewis

Last month when I heard that the YMCA had received a grant to purchase a $2,000 Dance, Dance Revolution game system with the goal of combating childhood obesity, I was a little skeptical. The idea of using video games to encourage kids to be more active seemed a little odd to me, and how much activity can you really get by stepping on a couple of arrows, I wondered.

I wasn’t convinced, but I was willing to give it a try, so after my niece made several passionate pleas for the game, I picked it up this weekend.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I can barely walk across a room without tripping, stumbling or falling into something. Coordination has never been a strong point for me, so when I decided to test the game out last night, I expected I would probably fall down, badly bruise myself and give up after 15 minutes or so. Instead, I spent the next hour and a half jumping around and tapping my foot on the dance mat.

If anyone had seen me, I’m sure they would have doubled over with laughter, but with the game in work out mode, I worked up a sweat and had a fun time doing it.

I don’t know if the game will trick kids into working out, (the children in my house have yet to test out the game) but it’ll work for me.