Playing the part

Jessica Lewis

When I first started dating my husband, I acted a lot differently than I do today. He acted differently too. During the early days of a relationship, you never want the other person to see your flaws and faults, but after time, those things become obvious, and you determine whether or not they are things you can live with.

Last night’s vice presidential debate brought back memories of the first phase in any relationship. I’m sure all political candidates act in a certain way before the election. Just as you would in a relationship, you want to hide your bad qualities until you know they aren’t going to make the other person run screaming.

Like I said, I’m sure this is common place, but during last night’s debate, I think it was obvious that the candidates were both hiding some pieces of their true character.

For Sarah Palin, all of the pit-bull attitude, humor and intelligence seen during the Republican convention were gone. Instead of going on the attack, she kept a smile plastered to her face, and spent 90 percent of her time praising John McCain. I’m glad Palin didn’t give into the negative attacks seen so often in politics, but it seemed like she was holding back all of the qualities people initially found so refreshing.

Biden also seemed like he was holding back. Instead of finding fault with Palin herself, Biden’s concentration was on McCain and not the woman who stood across the stage from him. Although Republicans and Democrats alike said Biden needed to be careful not to attack the Republican VP pick, I think that sentiment is a little sexist at best.

The debate was interesting and hopefully provided a little insight into both candidates, but just like in a relationship, time will tell if those qualities they’re holding back will sneak to the surface.