Sex Education = Pro-life

Tyler Murphy

Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin says she won’t support sex-explicit education… but said she doen’t just support abstinence only programs. What exactly is in between? Talk about semantics. When you add pro-life (anti-choice) with pro-abstinence programs you get… a pregnant 17 year-old daughter.

“Sex-explicit” is a political term designed to make a health class that teaches proactive measures in avoiding STD’s and teen pregnancy sound dirty because many religious traditions forbid premarital sex.

I understand the agony of using words like penis and vagina in an educational high school environment, it must be torturous. Even more terrible is actually acknowledging the glaring statistics of teen sexual activity and then not trying to address it.

Shocking I know, but pretending that kids aren’t having sex or that they’ll stop if we pretend it doesn’t exist doesn’t make HIV or teen sex vanish. If someone is really pro-life how about taking proactive measures on sex education and birth control to help avoid it?

The U.S. has a deplorable teen pregnancy rate compared to other countries.An abstinence ideal might soothe the minds of parents but in practice it’s a religious fundamental joke.