The country at heart

Tyler Murphy

Out of all the things I’ve wanted or tried to be in my life, the country boy calm still finds me at the core. I remember so many intimate moments with the natural world that surrounded my childhood. It’s a place where I discovered my only true sense of spirituality. I love the little things.




I see the moon and imagine its pull over some distant shore. The tide reaches to meet the stars and falls in a peaceful lullaby. The silver reflections of light shatter like stretched glass across the glistening moonlight dunes.




To watch the wind that never stops traveling pass through my small corner of the world. An eerie calm laced with the chatter of leaves as the trees become entangled by the restless air. Nature’s serenade played since the dawn of man puts me at ease with its endless tune. Her tall shaken instruments rustle with each breathe and their trunks creak in chorus.




Air so tense that at any moment it could shatter. A shadow cast across the valley as if god himself peered from behind the hill. The deafening calm peeled away by a shock wave of thunder so loud it shakes loose the heart. A sudden strike of ghostly light illuminates miles of countryside in a pale reflection.