The Evening Sun’s Newest Staff Member

Melissa Stagnaro

I came in to work this morning to discover that we had acquired a new member of the Evening Sun staff since I left the office yesterday.  It shouldn’t have surprised me, really. It’s not the first staff change that has happened over night in my three weeks here. I tried not to feel too out of the loop as I was introduced to Sohnny (the “h” is, apparently, silent.)When I first learned that this latest addition to the Sun family had come to us by way of the Chenango County Fair, I was a little concerned. I found it hard to believe that my co-workers had failed to heed the police chief’s friendly reminder not to pick up any carnies this year. (I can only assume that there was a reason he chose to issue the warning, but I am, alas, in the dark as to happenings at last year’s fair.)I’ve heard that Chenango County’s population typically fluctuates around this time each year. Apparently we lose a few when some of our own decide to run off with the fair and gain a few when carnies choose to stay. But I’ve never witnessed it before and I certainly never thought it would happen to us.Sohnny’s presence in the office will be an adjustment for all of us. Jessica has assured me that it won’t mean any more responsibility for me, but we’ll see.I’ve already noticed that Sohnny can be a little higher maintenance than some, but not all, members of our staff. I mean, no one had to help me settle into my workspace on my first day. And I’m not sure how I feel about him sleeping here.He seems a little stressed right now, but that will probably change as he adjusts to his new environment. I wonder if he’ll gets used to us watching his every move.It makes me glad I’m not the one in the goldfish bowl. But for him, it probably feels like home.