Comfy Clean Cable

Jeff Genung


Something major happened in Norwich recently that I’m sad to say my intrepid reporters missed. I only discovered it moments ago myself, on my way back from Price Chopper. 


The Norwich Motor Lodge is under new management.


That’s not the story, though. Well I guess it probably should be a story too, and we’ll get to that, but the real news here is that for the first time in probably 20 years, they’ve actually changed the changeable copy sign out in front.  


For years, and I’m quite certain I’m not exaggerating when I say decades, the signboard under the Norwich Motor Lodge logo as you come into the city  read “Comfy Clean Cable.” 


Now, the letters have been removed, the familiar phrase obliterated, replaced by a shiny banner announcing the “under new management” thing. I’m sure the new owners, whoever they are, have many changes in store for the venerable Norwich inn – but to take down “Comfy Clean Cable” so abruptly and without fanfare? I wept.  


I’ve often suggested that the City of Norwich should adopt “Comfy Clean Cable” as its official slogan. To me, it summarizes everything that’s good about Norwich in three simple, beautiful words. We’ve got all the basics of life wrapped up here in Norwich, folks. Who could want more than the comforts of home, the cleanliness of your environment and the wonders of cable television? 


I wish the new managers of the Norwich Motor Lodge every bit of success in their new enterprise. I’d humbly suggest not taking “Comfy Clean Cable” for granted, though. They’re the very precepts upon which our Chenango society is founded.  But now it’s gone. Lost to progress, I suppose. The sign that welcomed me back to the shining County Seat whenever I left it is no more. I feel as though the Statue of Liberty has been stripped of Emma Lazarus’ “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free …”