The role of Mike McGuire is now being played by …

Jeff Genung


My goodness! People come and go so quickly around here …


Sometimes when I think about my staff here at The Evening Sun, I share in Dorothy’s marvel about the denizens of Oz. Much like the Emerald City, characters here seem to pop in and out with amazing regularity.


Astute readers who made it to the end of Mike McGuire’s column in Thursday’s edition know that he’s come to the end of his tenure with Chenango County’s Hometown Daily. In fact, like the song says, he’s already gone.


Mike cleverly avoided saying where he was going in that column … I’ll not divulge the details here as I’ve agreed to the terms set forth by the Witness Protection Program. 


This, however, is not a eulogy for my boy Mike. He’s not the first to leave my little journalistic nest … in fact I’d dare say he’s somewhere in the upper 30s. 


It’s a transient business, being a reporter – and even more so at a small newspaper in a small market. We work ‘em like dogs while we can, write them a letter of recommendation and send them on their merry way when it comes time to try greener pastures. (Mike would appreciate the pasture reference, I’m sure).


Still, it’s hard sometimes to watch the door revolve. Believe it or not, I do sometimes get attached to my underlings. The good news is, I’ll have that opportunity again. Today was Melissa Stagnaro’s first day at The Evening Sun. An Oxford Academy grad like myself, I’m sure she’s destined for greatness. You’ll be reading more about her (and by her) in the days to come.