Vikings looming large

Patrick Newell

I do not have official enrollment numbers in front of me for this year, but based on my figures from a couple of years ago, Otselic Valley is far and away the smallest school in Chenango County. As small as it is in sheer numbers, the Vikings are looming large in Section III.
I have been accused in the past of “forgetting” the smallest school in our area. I would beg to differ on that one. We make the effort each sports season to give photo coverage in addition to the game write-ups that come at least twice weekly for each sport. It’s hard to miss the significance of this school’s athletic achievements the past two years, particularly on the boys’ side.
This is a talented group of young men, and I know the men assessment is as true as it gets. How do I know? The team’s coach, David Loomis, is one of the great coaches I have ever dealt with in what is now the end of my 13th season covering sports at The Evening Sun.
He is firm, disciplined, principled, organized, efficient, and he brings out the best “team” performance in his individuals. Long flying under the radar, Loomis was named Section III, Class D coach of the year by his peers after last season’s phenomenal 20-win campaign. That came on the heels of a 2006-2007 campaign in which the Vikings won the Class D-2 sectional title. Not one to extoll his own virtues, Loomis deferred his accomplishment to the players, saying something along the lines that superior talent makes a coach look good.
There is no denying, plenty of talent resides in the South Otselic area. Tonight, the Vikings have an opportunity to win a Section III baseball title when they face Rome Catholic at 7 p.m. at Rome. When you attend a school as small as OV, pretty much half the student body needs to participate to field a team. In many cases, the number of players are just “bodies” filling roster spots. In this instance, however, the Vikings do not just have quantity, there is an abundance of quality.
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