When will they learn?

Jessica Lewis

Political scandals are nothing new. Whether it is having not so appropriate relations in the oval office, sending scandalous instant messages to under age boys, getting caught literally with your pants down in an airport bathroom or being involved in a high end prostitution ring, it seems politicians never think they are going to be caught.

With the hundreds of political scandals that make the news everyday, I’m not sure why countless politicians assume they are above the law, and that they will never get caught. When it comes to public figures, someone is always watching, and few people are going to miss the opportunity to rat you out.

Perhaps these people aren’t afraid of getting caught because they feel they can get away with it. I guess generally, that is the case, but as a voter, I feel the American people deserve a little more from our political leaders. I’m not asking for perfection, just honesty. If you’re going to fight adamantly against something in the political world, try to keep your nose out of it in your private life.