Throwing away a vote?

Tyler Murphy

I spent a large part of my day yesterday at the polling stations around Norwich and interviewing people for an exit opinion poll.

While there I decided to cast my own democratic vote and noticed something that struck me as strange. Both John Edwards and Rudy Giuliani were still included on the ballots.

Both contenders have dropped out of the race but they were still included in all the Super Tuesday’s state ballets. My question is why?

In an election so tightly contested, especially between democrats, why were they not removed? In many states up to ten percent went to either of the false candidates. That ten percent could have impacted several states if those voters had gone another way. (Or maybe not) The whole thing just smelled a little fishy to me, keeping dropped candidates on the polling machines.

I didn’t even notice any notification at any of the locations alerting any misinformed or distracted voter that neither candidate was a candidate at all. Couldn’t we have just snapped off a yellow post-it note and slapped it on the machine saying, “Edwards and Giuliani have withdrawn from election.”

I’m not saying you shouldn’t vote for the long shot but at least vote for one that can actually accept a nomination.

I’m sure there is some bureaucratic process or political motivation that was the culprit.