State of the Union

Tyler Murphy

My state of the union. (quick note version)

There is still a long and arduous path before us to follow. Indeed it is more easily pointed out than traveled but we must move forward.

Forward is an idea of time passing by while progress is made. Times pace is steady and we must also strive to keep moving forward. The speed of progress can be measured in many ways and many forms but when our next step becomes easier than our last we call that a success.

Now imagine a long journey laid before you, like a great nation heading down the corridors of history, we must look ahead. For if we place more value on our speed at the start of the race we will quickly fall victims to our own ambition by the end.

We must look ahead and prepare for obstacles that will be unforgiving when their time is at hand. Issues like global warming, poverty abroad and right here at home. We must open dialogues and encourage our enemies to change. War, like that quickened pace, even the greatest of nation’s stamina is finite and again time will catch up to us if we can not find another solution.

Iraq, Afghanistan began as wars of ideals but the battle field of political and religious conviction can not always be found by a barrel of a gun. Ignorance is their weapon of mass destruction and we as a great nation must quarter our own defenses of enlightenment to empower those so lacking. We must always remember that we represent the culmination of western civilization. Democracy is its crowning achievement and the pillars of social and economic equality still stand strong here today.

We are a great nation of liberating ideals and our advantage is we need not convert our allies but rather simply give them the freedom of choice. We are the greatest nation on earth because all other nations of the world chiefly recognize that besides all else, America stands for freedom, theirs as well as ours.

There will be a day when evil men in the world choose their own selfish desires in opposition to peace and equality and they are a threat not to us but to good nations every where. Together as a nation, as a leader of the entire free world we can never be defeated.

Remember the legacy of our great nation. Remember that up until this point in history we are the only reason they have existed. We stand together here today by the purchase of blood, by our mothers, by our fathers. We must preserve the lessons taught by our heritage. If their must be trouble let in be in our day so that our children may live in peace.

God bless America