Surprise Birthday

Jessica Lewis

There’s been an awful lot of stuff going on lately, so maybe that’s why I completely forgot about my birthday until I looked at the calendar yesterday. Honestly if our day care didn’t make you sign and date a sheet every day when you pick up and drop off your child, I would probably have let my birthday slip right on past without even noticing.

I’m now trying to decide if my lack of birthday related cognitive function is a good thing or a bad thing. The last time I can think of when I was so clueless that the big day was drawing near, I was five. It worked out great at the time, because my parents were able to throw me a surprise party, and I didn’t even consider the possibility of it. Possibly because I didn’t know what a surprise party was, but that’s not the point.

The point is, I’m not sure if my sudden forgetfulness means that I’ve matured into a person who is not quite so obsessed with presents and parties and cakes and all that hype, or if it just means that I am starting to become even more spacey and forgetful than I previously was; a feat that I previously would have dismissed as impossible.

I guess regardless of the reason, the point is, it’s my birthday, so give me presents. Just kidding….unless you were going to send something really good.