Let the mud slinging begin

Jessica Lewis

I don’t know why, but I always expect a lot more mature behavior and attention to the issued from politicians than they are ever willing to give.
A couple of nights ago, I turned on the television and settled in to watch a little of the Republican debate. It’s always interesting to hear what the politicians who could soon be leading our country have to say.

While I was hoping for some brilliant responses that would give me hope for the future, instead, all I heard was a lot of finger pointing and bickering. Immigration, plans for Iraq and the pro-life-pro-choice question were all topics that the candidates used to point their finger at someone else on the stage and place blame for something.

The democratic debates haven’t been any better, with some candidates blasting others for their stance on the war in Iraq, or their support or absence of support on any possible issue.

I know that this is really what politics is all about. For years and years and years, politicians have tried to gain a foot hold by bad mouthing their competition. The future rulers of our country insult and name call more than snotty teenage girls. Instead of inspiring me to want to vote for one candidate more than another, it mostly makes me so disgusted that I end up trying to pick the lesser of the evils.

We’ve still got time, since campaign season is just warming up, but let’s hope that before this thing is over, one of the candidates takes a stand and actually sticks to the issues instead of bashing the front runner in order to bring him or her down a peg.