No Country for Turkey-dazed Old Men

Michael McGuire

Saw “No Country For Old Men” last night.

And I can’t honestly say how I feel about it.

In parts – the acting, dialogue, action sequences and the scenery – it was excellent.

Overall, I thought this movie was missing something; mostly because it tried to do too much, I think.

The Coen Brothers are masters at tying together complex story plots that contain equally complex characters – like the dude’s rug tied the room together in their oft-quoted film classic, “The Big Lebowski.” In the case of “No Country,” the plot, based on the Cormac McCarthy novel, is simple, the characters are simple and their separate story lines are simple. It’s all pretty straightforward – the acting and action drive this movie.

But as you may or may not see, the Coens spend too much time drifting and not enough time explaining, like the Soprano’s. And in a few key scenes they leave too much for the imagination. They lack that punch they’ve delivered time and time again.

All-in-all, it’s definitely worth the price of admission, though. And I have a feeling that a second viewing might change my mind (I was dazed on turkey and up past my bedtime the first time around).

I look forward to getting the DVD as well (commentary and extras might give some more insight).

As a side note, moviegoers on Thanksgiving should be allowed to bring leftovers into the theater. Who wants candy when you could have a turkey, stuffing and mashed potato sandwich?