Random thoughts

Jessica Lewis

• I was getting gas the other day and of course I came across some more scary cause they’re so bad signs at the gas station. (Just to refresh your memory, I’ve also complained about the “Pumkins” sign, the “We love are business” sign and signs everywhere with misplaced  apostrophes.) The newest sign on my you suck list says “We no longer except checks.” Now I know that everyone makes mistakes, but come on!

• There’s an all white deer in the woods behind my house. It’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s just a little tiny baby, but I heard a couple of years ago some hunters shot one in a neighboring town because they thought it would look cool on the wall. Now, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with hunting (as long as you only shoot the big, ugly looking animals), but I hope no one shoots the cute, little deer.

• As a quick tip to anyone out there planning any form of home improvement: make sure you know where all important lines and wires are before beginning. This is of course, just a random tip and has nothing to do with any real events, but hypothetically it would suck if you were talking on the phone and it suddenly cut out because someone accidentally hit the phone line with a fence post.