Michael McGuire

I was going to blog about Tootsie Rolls, but it was pretty stupid, so I decided not to (I wanted to know why they had rectangular tootsie roll bars – shouldn’t they be called tootsie blocks?).

Not a big deal…

What is a big deal however, is the old “put the candy out in a basket on the porch” trick instead of answering trick or treaters at the door.

I saw a few houses pulling this on Halloween.

It’s a jackpot for some lucky kid who gets there first (unless they’re passing out something lousy like after-dinner mints).

I say, if you’re not in the spirit or you can’t be there to give it out personally, keep your lights off and don’t waste any money on candy. Because just putting it out there defeats the entire purpose of Halloween – which is kids soliciting candy from an actual person.

Although, from what I’ve seen, more than a few kids have forgotten how to ask nicely.

But kids wouldn’t even dress up on Halloween anymore if everyone just put out a basket and called it a night. Why would they? No one would see it? Just like they wouldn’t dress up if people stopped passing out candy all together.