Have you seen the light?

Michael McGuire

“Who cares about oncoming traffic? As long as you can see, that’s all that matters.”

That’s apparently the attitude headlight makers have these days.

Unless you’re in an SUV or a vehicle with some clearance, there’s no doubt you’ve noticed the blinding intensity of the newer beams.

They even have commercials that demonstrate how much brighter and wider these upgraded versions are.

So it’s like we’ve turned our low beams into high beams, and high beams into spotlights.

Wow, really smart.

What good is it having lights that can bring down an airplane if the cars coming at you have them too?

We’ll all blind each for the sake of seeing better.

People are lucky there are guys like me out there that fear change and technology. Our dimmers give you a quick window to get a grip over the road again before descending back into hallogen hell.

We’re what’s keeping all you fancy-pants from going off the road.

Headlights we can artificially tan or call on Batman with – another well thought out, and necessary, American innovation.