Jeff Genung

Those of you who picked up the print edition of today’s Evening Sun probably noticed a subtle change in the paper’s layout. At least I hope you did, ‘cuz I spent a whole lot of time putting it all together.

I’ve redesigned the look of The Evening Sun quite a few times over the past couple decades, some representing more wholesale changes than others. Sometimes the change is born of a physical or technological need; other times it’s simply because I’m easily bored.

The biggest change you’ll notice is right at the top … our Evening Sun “flag.” That’s what has changed the least in the past few redesigns, the last time being about ‘95, I think, when we switched to the Stoneprint Roman font and added the striated setting sun motif behind.

After a dozen years, I got a little tired of that, so the Venetian blinds are gone, replaced by the full-version sun seen on this very website for the past year.

Not too many other changes typographically – most of what you see different inside is in terms of page order and content.

• Page 5 is now “Viewpoints,” a second editorial page or reader’s forum. We’ve added a new daily column from NEA, “Frugal Living,” and a daily sidebar that refers to content found exclusively on, in addition to more room for letters to the editor, guest columns and other local content.

• Page 7 is now Calendar, a full page of The Evening Sun’s events column, with a special feature photo each day.

• Page 10 is now “Hot Topics,” a colorful page of entertainment news, celebrity gossip, news of the weird and the weirdest of all – the new home of “30 Seconds.”

We’ve shuffled around the state and international news pages, and moved comics and the TV grid pages to the second section. And, perhaps the most sweeping change of all – we ditched “Peanuts” for a new comic strip called “Cow and Boy.” It sounded pretty Chenango County to me. We’ll see how it goes. For those who lament the loss of Charlie Brown and company … well, folks, Charles Schulz died a long time ago. It’s time to let go.

So that’s a quick overview of the cosmetic nip/tuck The Evening Sun went through over the weekend. More changes and new features will be popping up in the coming weeks. Let me know what you think.