The gloves are off

Michael McGuire

With the Department of Energy’s designation of National Interest Electric Transmission Corridors, the NYRI fight is living up to it’s billing as a heavyweight slugfest.

Over what?

State’s rights vs. federal oversight.

It’s a rivalry that’s had re-match after re-match after re-match.

In this case, the feds say we won’t have enough juice. The state grid operator says we will.

The state says its energy policy is sound. The feds say it needs a babysitter.

NYRI’s had some victories. It’s opponents have had some victories.

And, while neither will come out and say it, Washington and Albany have been on opposite sides of this issue since day one.

So, if the state Public Service Commission denies NYRI’s project, it would only be fitting, all things considered, if the feds went ahead and approved it anyway.