Caring for a day

Jessica Lewis

So we all know volunteering is a nice thing to do, but with so many different activities taking up our precious free time, it’s hard to give up the few free moments you have.

Like a lot of people, I find it difficult to even complete my own chores, and nearly impossible to set aside a chunk of time to give to someone else, but that’s exactly what I did this weekend. On Saturday, members of The Evening Sun staff, along with other community members including my husband and 18 month old son, joined the group of United Way volunteers for “A Day of Caring.”

Having no idea what to expect, we traveled along a couple back roads and deep into the woods of Greene. Our group was assigned to go to the Children’s Home Residential Treatment Facility. The kids who live at the home helped us to plant a memorial flower garden, weed the vegetable garden and stain a bench, among other things.

Despite the fact that I had a million projects of my own that I knew I had to complete, the day went even better than I expected. It felt great to help out an organization dedicated to helping children, and in addition, we got to spend the day with some really nice kids and get a better understanding of an organization we were relatively unfamiliar with. I think the United Way struck gold with this new campaign kick-off event. Hopefully even more people will join us next year to become better acquainted with some great community organizations.