Miracle in the making

Jessica Lewis

An amazing thing happened last night. I went to a public meeting, and the public was actually there.

I know it doesn’t sound that impressive, but after more than a year’s worth of meetings that were made up of local officials, me and one or two residents who actively attend every meeting, you kind of forget that there are thousands of people in town who are being effected by the decisions that are being made.

Last night was different. The City of Norwich held a public meeting and discussed opportunities to revitalize Norwich. The city court room was full of people who stayed for the entire hour long presentation and actually discussed their ideas and hopes for the future. It amazed me to see so many people turned out. I know that’s the way local government should work, but far too often, that isn’t the case.

People presented some interesting and well thought out ideas for ways to get Norwich on the right path. (My favorite was Giff Foster’s discussion of alternative energy facilities. It’s about time we started taking some proactive steps to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and reduced our carbon emissions.)

The next meeting will hopefully take place within the month, and hopefully it will get the same amount of community involvement as the first, if not more. Oh and if you missed the meeting, they are working to get all the information on the Norwich City web site at www.norwichnewyork.net. (It might take a few days though.)