First timer

Tyler Murphy

The blur of motion and color as the crowds pace by with the sounds of screaming kids, laughter and song. I never have been one for local events but I do enjoy the grassroot feeling of Colorscape. This last year with the Evening Sun in particular has opened my community palette.

When I was growing up in Oxford I remember very few trips to such things. My parents always seemed too busy putting food on the table to bother with such leisure and my siblings and I never knew what we were missing.
In retrospect I’d advise similarly obligated parents to find the time.

In the 13 years since it’s creation this will mark only the second Colorscape I have ever been too. I have also been to one Blues Festival (loved it) and the County Fair a half dozen times. I have yet to participate in a Gus Macker Tournament but did go to my first this last year.

These are just a few of the multitude of first time experiences I’ve had the blessing of encountering.

Although a part of me does feel ashamed and ignorant for not knowing more about these things, most people act like I’m a nut when I profess my lack of community knowledge. That reaction really hasn’t done much to help me alter that apparent failing. I’m not exactly sure how they would expect me to learn.

I engaged them now because I appreciate their design of stimulating the local economy, creating a formality with our neighbors, the exchange of ideas and the social interactions.

Community and family are so very important and these days they appear more threatened than ever. I’m thankful for events such as Colorscape and feel personally relieved when they are a great success.

So sit yourself down and find the time to venture into a new experience if you haven’t already.