The “Cruise” factor

Jessica Lewis

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a column about the medical profession, complained a bit about some issues and got reamed out by an angry reader. I wasn’t really shocked by that. I was kind of expecting someone to get fired up, although many others agreed with my opinion, so I wasn’t terribly surprised.

I was surprised when I came to the office today and found an angry e-mail in my in-box from someone who was upset because I took a couple shots at Tom Cruise. The same Tom Cruise who professes to know more about the medical profession than any doctor or psychiatrist on the planet, because he’s read a lot of  books. The same Tom Cruise who is an expert on postpartum depression, and the same Tom Cruise who criticized Matt Lauer for basically questioning his medical credentials on the air.

Let me make one thing clear, as an actor, I think Tom Cruise is pretty decent. I like “Top Gun,” and I used to watch “Far and Away” every chance I could get. I might even own a copy of “Jerry Maguire.” I take offense with any celebrity, or for that matter anyone at all, who tries to shove their religion down your throat. (Especially if their religion was created by the guy who brought us Battlefield Earth.)