Only in Norwich

Jessica Lewis

In the last few days, I’ve seen some strange sights in the beautiful Norwich area, and I have to wonder, is it me, or are these things as strange as they seem.

Monday on my way home from work,  I saw a little boy (probably around 5-years-old) sitting in a shopping cart that had been discarded on a curb blocks away from the nearest grocery store. Since there were no adults in view, I wondered if this boy had hitched a ride down town via shopping cart, or if he simply wanted to meet Mike McGuire’s shopping cart companion Barry.

For months, we’ve known about the Rite Aid chains plan to acquire Eckerd stores. Now the deal is complete, I was sure the two stores would merge into one building, but so far that has not happened. Instead, Rite Aid has spent who knows how much money placing Rite Aid signs on the old Eckerd store, which is located approximately 10 feet away from the other Rite Aid store. I’m not a great business person, but doesn’t that doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense. After calling Rite Aid’s public relations department, I was informed that business at both stores will continue as usual until further notice.

Also, this week, I saw the new playground equipment at the school, which could never be as cool as that awesome wooden castle thing they had. I never went to school in Norwich, but on the occassional weekend, we would come down to play on the coolest playground around. I’m sure the new stuff is fun, but nothing could beat that.

Keep your eyes open. You never know what crazy thing you might see next.