So what did happen Ford?

Tyler Murphy

I want to know. I want to know what really happened the night Shyanne A. Somers’ life came to an end. She was only 12, alone in the dark running from monsters.

I hate to be so terribly dramatic about something so sensitive but I don’t know how not to be. I hate the compulsion of my overly vivid imagination to place me in the small girl’s shoes on the night in question.

I want to know what really happened because I would like an alternative to what seems to be the horrific truth.

I want to know what really happened so I can justify striking out with my cruel intentions towards her murderer.

I want to know what happened that night so all the unanswered questions, speculations and details will stop strangling my mind with the worst of their possibilities.

It would be hard enough coming to grips with the tragedy but having to wander into the depths of uncertainty can be unbearable.

I find this topic even more difficult to write about than most because of my obligation to be objective. My personal beliefs in a fair and partial system are now being confronted with a rare display of sensibility in my emotions.

I’m waiting to hear the defense’s story, so far, they are playing dumb and acting like the GPS isn’t going to hold up in court. But that really doesn’t answer my question of what is the alternative story? I believe the GPS to be an accurate enough tool to call all of Ford’s testimony moot. If the system does indeed tell an accurate story, then it’s only a matter of time before they discover additional evidence to support it, if they haven’t already… and that will hold up in court.

My condolences to the Somers family.
Cherish the loved and lost; I can not understand the daunting bereavement of your tragedy but wish you the strength to endure a delicate and seemingly long path to justice. No angel can resist the shoulder of a child and most assuredly accompanied her to a peaceful desination. My heart goes out to you all.