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If I had a million dollars…

Monday, July 2nd, 2007
Jessica Lewis

I just read a post of the forum about lottery winnings, and it really made me think. I’ve never really spent too much time wondering what I would do if I ever won the lotto. Gambling has never been a big thing in my family. In fact, my mom went to Turning Stone Casino for the first time last weekend, put $5 on the roulette table and after one spin, ended up with $175. The people at the table were amazed that she didn’t want to continue when she was on such a lucky streak, but she thought they were crazy for suggesting she chance her winnings.

With these views of gambling pervasive in my family, I don’t give too much though to the lotto jackpot or picking my winning numbers, but since my husband just got one of those Raffle to Riches tickets, and I have my mother’s luck, I’m going to indulge myself for just a moment.

I’m pretty sure if I won the lottery, I would be fairly reasonable……at first. I would invest in some smart stocks and pay off the bills and set up college funds for all the kids in my family. I would build the addition I’ve always dreamed up with a big fireplace and cathedral ceilings and a loft looking down into the living room and I’d be pretty content.

At least that’s what my plan would be, but as they say money and power corrupt. It probably wouldn’t take long to become as ridiculous and frivolous as all of those childhood stars that earn money when they’re 6 and become bankrupt by age 12.  It would probably start with exotic and lavish vacations, and who travels on public air lines when you could charter a private jet and forego all of that time consuming airport security. Next of course would  be the accommodations. Well a house is perfectly lovely for the average person, the lavishly rich need ridiculously needless gadgets and so many square feet that you need a map, or more likely a GPS system,  to find the closest of your 18 bathrooms. And we all know the only reason to have a home that large and outrageously over-done, is to show it off. So the lavish parties would begin directly after the purchase of the home and continue until the money all runs out, which, with such huge and extravagant purchases would take about three days.  I guess it would be fun while it lasted, but does that mean I’m going to start buying tickets on a daily basis? I wouldn’t bet on it.