Random thoughts

Jessica Lewis

Maybe it’s because I haven’t been getting enough sleep lately, or because I’m wearing my headband too tight, but these are the random thoughts swimming through my head today. Enjoy your glimpse into insanity!

This morning, as I was driving to work I saw several disturbing things, not the least of which was the surprising number of people who think bathroom necessities make wonderful flower planters. A word of advise, there is no good reason to have a toilet sitting on your lawn. Even with flowers growing out of it, it looks tacky! That point cannot be stressed enough.

On the hill where I live, everything echoes, so when you hear a weird noise, it is echoed back about a million times and sounds even stranger than it is. Last night, I was hanging clothes out to dry when I heard the strangest noise ever. I know it was probably just a couple of four-wheelers or motorcycles driving near my house, but at the time, I swear it sounded exactly like a group of orks were about to attack. Just in case I’m right, be on the lookout for an evil ork army.

Last weekend, I was forced to sit through the “Transformers” movie. I still don’t understand why virtually all of the grown-up, adult men that I know are drooling and saying it is the best movie ever made. (On my list it falls somewhere between “Battlefield Earth” and “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure.”) But I do suddenly understand why for the past three years, my husband has been commanding our car to turn into a robot and smite his enemies.