In a world of my own

Jessica Lewis

This may make me seem extremely oblivious, but for hours on the morning of June 28, 2006, I had no idea that anything out of the ordinary was occurring. The television wasn’t working, because the rain was interfering with the satellite signal, but everything outside my house looked normal, if a little bit soggy.

I waited until the rain let up, and then decided to go for a walk. (Since I wasn’t about to push my stroller and three month old baby through nasty flood waters, we didn’t get too far.)

The first serious sign of flooding I remember seeing was at Weiler Park. Only a block from my house, which stayed completely dry, the park’s baseball field looked like  a swimming hole, with water covering half of the bleachers and a good portion of the back stop. What really made the image memorable however, was the site of several people (adults and children alike) playing in the standing pool of dirty water. Apparently no one told them what kinds of nasty things are usually in flood waters, because people were splashing in it, riding bikes through it, and even in bathing suits swimming in it.

The next morning, again I ventured out (this time avoiding Weiler Park and traveling instead down Rexford Street, toward the Chenango River. By this time I had heard about the significant damages suffered by many city residents, but even if I hadn’t it would have been apparent. People were hard at work, pumping out their basements and lugging destroyed items from their homes and picking up the pieces after the worst flood Norwich has seen in 100 years, and hopefully won’t see for another 100.