Protest vs. the State

Tyler Murphy

The Group of Eight also know as the G8 summit is an informal international forum for the governments of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Altogether that’s more than 65 percent of the entire world’s economy at one meeting. They group has year round conferences and researches different policies and holds an annual summit to discussed any factors that may compel a global change.

This year is the 33rd summit meeting and will be hosted by Germany, each year the host, or presidency, rotates among the members. The president also sets the agenda.

The world bank rates Spain as the 8th largest economy above Russia. China, or the People’s Republic of China (as they like to call themselves) despite it’s large population and economic influence is also excluded.

This event draws some of the worlds largest demonstrations. Often protesters and police collide and on several occasions both police and protesters have been arrested.

At the 27 th G8 summit in Italy police shot one person dead and after the summit, investigations revealed police planted dangerous materials, such as molvol cocktails (bottle+gas+rag+fire) in order to legitimize arresting journalist, protest organizers and even medical personal acting as support. The latter of state abuse I find much more disturbing. In Soviet Russia during the cold war police would stage violent acts in order to give them the much needed public appearance of justifing their own use of force.

The LA Police Department has just suffered a serious set back for it’s handling of the May Day protests in the city. Police allegedly had a non-uniformed officer on a bicycle ride into a peaceful but illegal protesting crowd. As a result the crowd began reacting violently towards the instigating and unknown officer creating enough just cause for police to use force to break up the crowd. As one Polish reporter at the scene put it,
“I was in Poland with the Soviets and this was there too. If you can see these things then you know you are now watching the death of your American freedoms.”

So why has the public opinion of protesting seem to have slipped towards the negative in the last few years? If history serves me correctly one of the turning points in developing our free country began with the most famous American protest of them all, the Boston Tea Party. In all these stories I absorb through the Internet and television seem heavy on the gory details and light on why or what these groups are protesting.

Can you imagine if something similar were to happen today, I can see the CNN story now.

Radical left wing group cost the tea business big bucks, city paying for the clean up.

Dec. 17, 1773
By Tyler Murphy
Agency Staff Writer

BOSTON – Late yesterday evening protesters under disguised, in order to conceal their identities, marched down to the Boston harbor and vandalized three separate ships harbored therein.

The left wing extremist group called ‘the Sons of Liberty’ are said to have taken responsibility for the raid which lasted until early this morning.

“Our investigation is still under way but it appears men mockingly dressed as Native Americans forced their way aboard three vessels in the harbor and destroyed nearly half a million dollars worth of private East India Company property,” said police representative Jove L. Regan.

The group released a statement declaring the rioting was in protest to the Stamp Act and Townshed Acts. These acts created a tax on all American Exports and forced many colony businesses to purchase British products. Parliament passed the law following the French and Indian war in order to help off set its devastating cost in which nearly 14,000 British soldiers lost their lives.

“We brought our boys (British troops) over here and fought for the colonies. We shed blood for them and now that we have won it for them all we’re asked is for them to help pay their fair share. These men are not protesters but terrorists and the crown ought to treat them as such,” said Boston’s Governor Thomas Hutchinson

The East Indian Company didn’t comment but released a statement saying, “It is the policy of the East Indian Company to obey all laws, either local or national and although targeted by such gross acts of moral misconduct the Company believes in the freedoms of people every where. The East Indian Company will be cooperating with investigators in bringing these misguided men to justice. We will continue to be a supporter of free trade believing it creates continued prosperity and more fair markets to the benefit of all colonist and Britons abroad.”

The trigger of the protest is being attribute to parliaments recent decision to grant the East Indian Company special rights to sell directly to the American consumer. At these low rates it has made it difficult for black market traders to sell their products at a competitive rate causing unrest among many of the criminal elements in the colonies.

The Sons of Liberty are also wanted in conjunction with a rash of other anti-state activities including, theft, burglary, fraud, and even treason.

“The longer these men go un-caught the longer the public and our businesses are going to suffer. I call on anyone with information on these men to come forward and help us in our investigation,” said Regan.

Clean-up efforts are currently underway with aid from the British government. Market experts speculate a moderate raise in the cost of tea for the next few months and perhaps an increase in local taxes in order to off set the cost of lost state revenues.