In a Norwich minute

Michael McGuire

I saw two propane cylinders set out by the curb on Grove Avenue the other day. I have no idea what the disposal policy is, but that’s asking for it. If I were fifteen and saw those sitting there, my first thought would be,” Awesome, target practice at the stone quarry!” But if it’s cool with everyone else it’s cool with me.

Question: Do fire fighters throw on the sirens to go back to the station? I was just curious. I saw a truck leave a call on Elm Street, and after waiting a bit to turn left onto South Broad Street from Conkey Avenue, it looked like the driver got fed-up with heavy noon-hour traffic and switched on the screamers. Everyone stopped and let them out. Pretty slick. Since my rusted GEO’s thunderous horn already commands so much respect, maybe it’s time to slap on a blue light and get in the EZ-pass lane.

What’s warm, green and has a distinct smell? No, it’s not a gangrenous sore. It’s Spring! And she’s in top gear. There’s nothing like nice weather to make you fall in love with Norwich all over again.