Buying a house vs. shopping for shoes

Jessica Lewis

I wish shopping for houses could be more like shopping for shoes. Over the past few months, I have been trying fervently to find a house, without much luck. This never happens when I’m shoe shopping.

When you’re looking for a pair of shoes, you determine the style and the size and how much money you want to spend and you can almost always find something that fits your criteria. You simply go to the store and find what you’re looking for. Why can’t buying a house be like that?

Over the past month, I’ve seen all kinds of houses. Big ones, small ones, clean ones, dirty ones and even really, really disgusting ones. (Seriously, I’m not a neat freak by any means, but how do people live like that?) I’ve seen the nice but outrageously overpriced houses, the ones that looked like they were about to fall down around you and tons and tons with flood damage. I’ve seen rodents, termites, bats and one house that looked like a group of teens had used it for a party location.

After all the searching, I’ve decided it’s not worth the stress, but that’s too bad, because I already kind of sold the house I’m living in. So, I have no choice but to continue the hunt. I fear finding a decent and reasonably priced home may be more difficult than finding reason in ’30 Seconds’ comments, but I guess I must continue to try.

I’m usually quite optimistic, but after seeing several houses that could just as easily have had condemned notices on their doors as for sale signs, I’m starting to become just a little jaded.

My advice to anyone who is looking for a house, don’t. At least not until I’m done. That way, at least I’ll have first dibs.