Writer’s block

Tyler Murphy

Sometimes when I’m trying to get myself out of a little writer’s block I’ll write short catch phrases to try and motivate myself. (Like pulling the cord on a lawn mower) I was trying to get a different blog idea moving but it didn’t happen. Here are some random things I’ve used to start my mind (or heart) on a number of things I’ve written. I did not copy them from anywhere and as far as I know they’re all my own.

“A life without freedom is a most painful death.”

“Just because you lived a long time doesn’t mean you lived well.”

“Flags should not be flown at churches and dogma should be taken out of government buildings.”

“Separation of church and state is more important than ones freedom of religion.”

“Liberty lost rightly breeds aggressive dissent.”

“Fear is a less predictable means of compliance than respect but far simpler to obtain.”

“True accomplishments are in what we create and not in what we destroy.”

“Population growth and the value of life should not be related.”

“Survival is priority only for the desperate and the ignorant.”

“Violence has solved some problems and created many.”

“When loyalty and integrity disagree it’s often encouraged by a desire for self respect.”

“Love is delicate and people are not perfect.”