Second round draft of infamy

Tyler Murphy

Last week I posted a list of all the people charged with a homicide or attempted homicide. (Except Kevin Begeal he just happen to be getting sentenced the day I blogged, unlucky for him.) Unfortunately there have been several high profile sex crimes taking place behind the scenes that haven’t gotten enough attention because of this freakish surge in crime. It’s very likely they would have been headlines of their own if not for the timing of it all. So here are those accused of rape and more, some of them I feel are just as bad if not worse than the homicides. Again I couldn’t resist my personal take on things but not much is yet known about most of these cases.

Jonathan “Joe” Elwood, 29, Ashcraft Road, Norwich, has been charged predatory sexual assault (Class A-II felony), first degree burglary (Class B felony), first degree rape (Class B felony), first degree robbery (Class B felony), first degree criminal sexual act (Class B felony), first degree criminal use of a firearm (Class B felony) and petit larceny.

Stephen R. Ohl, 24, Cunningham Lawrence Road, Sherburne allegedly the second suspect in the crime was arrested on identical charges but has not yet been indicted on any charges. However the grand jury is literally meeting as I type this to consider his case. I will update his charges once I get the report later today or tomorrow.

Allegedly Elwood and Ohl broke into a home at around 11:30 p.m. armed with a gun and attacked a 58 year-old-woman inside striking her in the head and face repeatedly. Allegedly their original plan was only to included robbery and assault but once in the process of those crimes they decided to forcibly rape and beat the woman, threatening to kill her. The two men left the scene after being at the home “for a considerable amount of time” said police. They were at large for nearly 4 months before DNA evidence lead to their arrest.

My Take: Still in early proceedings, not a lot of hard evidence yet released. Police say they have their DNA at the scene. Honestly with everything else happening I’m just beginning to discover things about this case. The victim has been severely traumatized by the ordeal.

If it turns out they are guilty I reserve absolutely no mercy for these men. My first impulse is to condemn a harsh and cruel punishment. I don’t endorse torture and these two would certainly test my resolve in that belief. It seems all they didn’t do was kill her. I can see a trial coming.

Dean M. Sacco, 48, 148 Randolph St., Jersey City, New Jersey, is charged with three counts of 1st degree rape (Class B felony), three counts of 2nd degree rape (Class D felony), committing a criminal sexual act and 1st degree course of sexual conduct, all of them, felonies.

Accused of repeatedly forcing a girl under the age of 13 to have sex with him over the course of one or two weeks. Allegedly sought and planned the encounters. Had to use coercion or force to get the young girl to comply with his demands on at least three occasions. Police started an investigation some time after the alleged crimes happened. Child services interviewed the girl and reported the incident which lead police to Sacco. Police were forced to extradite him from New Jersey.

My Take: This again is new to the legal scene and little has yet to be released. The charges of first degree rape indicate some very depraved and repeated abuses of this young girl.
Again I have an inclination towards violence for this man if guilty. I have to reserve any kind of judgment though, until more comes forward.

Lance J. Mills, no age given, Columbus, is charged with first degree rape (B Felony) and predatory sexual assault ( A-II Felony).

Mills is a registered sex offender with a prior conviction of first degree sexual abuse in 1997. He is accused of attacking a female, who he is familiar with, and forcing her to have sex with him. Allegedly the woman pleaded with him to stop and he threatened to harm her further if she did not comply.

My Take: I know more about this case than the others and ironically I can’t share much with you because of the personal link between the victim and the assailant. It would be very difficult to explain the circumstances without identifying the victim which is a moral taboo even for a journalist. I will say that his prior sex offense could be the nail in his coffin. However this case doesn’t appear to be as straight forward as the other rape cases and Mills has good defense representation, so only time will tell.

Felonies are rated A through E. Degrees are also use to measure severity of an offense and vary greatly; first degree is always the worst offense possible for that particular type of crime. The consideration in qualifying the level of a charge depends on the individual crime but the general terms of punishment are as follows.

A – Life imprisonment
B – Maximum 25 years
C – Maximum 15 years
D – Maximum 7 years
E – Maximum 4 years

LexisNexis. (2005). New York Criminal Statutes and Rules.