April’s been a tough month

Michael McGuire

My mom pointed out Tuesday that April, particularly this week in April, has historically seen its share of horrific events.

Monday’s massacre at Virginia Tech being the most recent.

In years past my family would have been in Myrtle Beach this week – where 75 percent of Norwich is currently – and heard the awful news. But being by the beach with a heavy heart is a place we’ve been before.

Three events standout more than others.

April 19, 1995 – Oklahoma City bombing, 168 killed, 800 injured.
April 14, 1997 – Norwich High School student Jesse Scott dies in car accident.
April 20, 1999 – Columbine High School Shooting, 12 students and one teacher killed.

There’s no reason all these events occurred in April.

There’s no reason why they happened at all.

They just did.

Regardless, April will always mark a tough month. It’ll remind me of sad times I saw as a teenager, and now again as an adult.

All of us, like Cho Seung-Hui, could impose our will on others if we ever felt the need. And rather than blame the school or security, I can’t help but be angry with the shooter more than anything. Whether he was disturbed, scared, or whatever – his real problem was that he was selfish.

Other infamous happenings in April:

April 14, 1865 – Abraham Lincoln assassinated.
April 18, 1906 – San Francisco earthquake and fire – killed 3,000 over 4 days.
April 15, 1912 – Titanic sinks, killing 1,500.
April 4, 1968 – Dr. Martin Luther King assassinated.