Winter weather….again

Jessica Lewis

Maybe it was a dream. I’m not really sure, but I thought we had temperatures that were close to 70 degrees just a couple of weeks ago. I vaguely remember getting out my bike and watching my husband struggle to change the inner-tube in my bike tire. But that couldn’t have possibly happened since the temperatures are now back to the mid-20’s and a snow storm just dropped nearly a foot of snow on us.

I’m trying to look at the up-side of having a massive, winter storm in the middle of April, but to the best of my knowledge, there aren’t any. It’s cold and wet and icky at a time of year when it should be mildly warm and sunny outside.

This late season snow storm stinks, but instead of just complaining about the weather, I’m going to address all the stupid things people do in the nasty weather that really irk me.

1. Driving a white car in a white out with no head lights on. This is just stupid, but for some reason I see people doing it all of the time. (Hey, white car, you blend in with the snow, and no one can see you. Turn on your stinking lights.)
2. Walking down the middle of the road or stopping a vehicle in the middle of the road, even when you know there is no possible way anyone will be able to avoid hitting you if they come up behind you. It sounds obvious, but I think most of us don’t want to get into an accident, so please don’t do this.
3. Waiting until a State of Emergency is declared and then deciding it’s time to do all of your shopping for the month, visit all of your closest relatives and do anything else that you’ve been putting off until the last minute. Usually city and county officials have a reason for issuing a State of Emergency, namely, they don’t think the roads are safe for travel. So, if you have the option, stay home. If you’re anything like me, you don’t get to do that nearly enough anyway.

Avoid the snow and stay warm until this nasty bit of weather passes. Maybe next week we can go back to the 70 degree weather. I think I liked that a little better.