Regretting regret?

Tyler Murphy

What whispers to me even in my sleep is that everlasting shadow of doubt, which follows many of us through our entire lives. I’ve met so many people whose only mission in life is to avoid regret at all costs. That more often than anything else seems to include self delusion.

It’s a lie to meet a person who claims they have no regrets. That would be like meeting someone who never made a mistake. I can believe you may not know or may not want to know, that, like every else you’ve screwed things up. All of us have at one time or another completely train wrecked our own lives. The culprits are usually ignorance, arrogance or innocence. When someone tells me they have no regrets what I really hear is I’m ready to repeat my mistakes.

Let me just say I certainly have regrets. Why not? I’m sure if I could do things over I could do them better. There are some things I wish I never did and some things I wish I had. It’s OK to regret as long as we don’t dwell. I guess that most of us just shrug our shoulders and say we’ll there is nothing I can do about it and it was all an experience that has made me who I am today. No offense but I’m sure all of us could probably be better than we are. Most of us have unlimited potential and often enough our greatest obstacle to success is ourselves.

It’s a depressing thought, to look yourself in the eye and say I could have done better or my place in life could be further and it’s my fault. Not to say that our accomplishments aren’t great and beautiful things. Regret can have the rare power to motivate a positive change on how we look at life and even grant us new motivations to avoid it altogether. Ignoring it will only entice to become a larger part.

The catch is I never could’ve climd to that conclusion until I stopped telling myself I had no regrets. I do have them and I have a responsibility to carry them because they remind me life is not always about avoiding regrets, sometimes it’s about facing them.