Hard news

Tyler Murphy

Wednesday morning I must admit I didn’t give a whole lot of thought into the disappearance of Tammy Periard. After all this is a small town and the last time a murder happened in the city I wasn’t even born. So the thoughts of fowl play escaped me and most others I would imagine, having justly adapted to life in our humble corner of the world.

With my first meeting with Chief Joseph Angelino on early Wednesday morning he seemed quite concerned over the disappearance and I could tell that the circumstances of the case didn’t seem to sit right with him. I left feeling a little nervous and concern. I figured that some unpredictable event of circumstance might have lead her off the radar for a while. I didn’t know the woman at all and ran scenario’s of love, drama and fate through my head, the chance of something sinister appeared small. Perhaps something risqué, but evil?

As Wednesday progressed police were everywhere in Norwich and people began calling in with unfounded information and in respect for the family I will not elaborate on what they were saying. Rumors are dangerous. I heard all kinds of commotion on my scanner. Somewhere in the midst of all these escalating events, a feeling arose, that feeling the family and Chief Angelino must have felt since earlier in the morning, crept its way up my spine; despair. For the first time I seriously accepted foul play as a likely culprit and it changed the day.

The dreaded and inevitable moment came the next morning when I found the PD’s press release in my e-mail. I knew all hell was going to break loose for the rest of the day and my intuition certainly did not disappoint.

I spent most of the day gathering “off the record or unofficial” information and then trying to get someone to confirm it on the record. Honestly I wish I could spill my guts to you but that really would be unethical. The police and DA have certainly been tight liped and that is not a criticism, in fact a department that doesn’t leak information is a very good department indeed.(Makes my job a pain though)

So after calling law enforcement officials, family member and friends, of both sides, a million times and getting in line behind all the other information scavengers that piled into Norwich from numerous media outlets I found out more than most. It turned out well, after all I did have the home field advantage.

It must have been rough for the PD. They worked hard long hours to break the case. Making a late night arrest and discovering the horrors of what really happened brought many officers into the wee hours of the morning. Three hours later its seven o’clock and they’ve better be thinking on their feet. Reporters looking for answers, rumors racing through the public, an investigation still underway. They know it will be highly scrutinize and publicized. So my hats off to you guys, even though I was one of the many that aided in running you all ragged yesterday.

I wish I could finish this off more strongly but I’m just too tired. We all, I’m sure, are looking forward to the weekend where hopefully some of us, (Family, friends, police, attorneys, reporters) can get a little peace before coming back to fight yet another day. Although I suspect many will be working and certainly grieving straight through.