March showers…

Jessica Lewis

I love the spring and summer. I love being outside and not having to wear a sweater, a coat, mittens, a hat and furry boots. (I’m a whiner and I get cold fast.) All winter long, I have been longing for warm weather and dreaming of bike rides and picnics and blooming flowers. Now, spring is finally here, or so it would seem. I should be happy. The temperatures are getting warmer, the birds are singing and the snow is melting.

It’s wonderful…except for the constant threat of flooding. It seems that since the snow has started to melt, every day we have had temperatures above 40 degrees, the National Weather Service has issued a flood warning. I don’t want to argue about the merit or the necessity of these flood warnings, but it seems every time I turn around, another warning or watch has been issued. I’m all for these types of alerts when something is actually happening, I just doubt they are necessary every time a cow pasture on the banks of the river gets a couple inches of water.

In recent weeks, so many flood warnings have been issued, that it feels almost like the NWS is the boy who cried wolf. It’s spring. Of course there is going to be extra water creeping onto the banks of the river, but if every time the water rises an inch or two, a flood warning is issued, nobody is going to pay attention when the next real flood comes our way.