Red Light, Green Light

Jeff Genung

Well, whaddya know? One of the entries I commented on in “30 Seconds” is currently the highest rated.

Here’s the entry:

“Seeing what actually gets posted in this forum kinda makes me want to see the garbage that they don’t print.”
Man from Sherburne

I’m saving them all for a tell-all I’ll write in my retirement. Somewhere around 2033 …

As I write this at 7:30 Tuesday night, waiting for Idol to come on (shameless Idol plugs seem to garner the most response on the blog side – Go, Lakisha!), it’s currently got 21 greens and 2 reds, making it the top of the heap when you sort by “Highest Rated.”

I have no idea what that means, either.

Do readers really want to see the garbage we don’t print? Do they think what we print is garbage? Are they anxiously awaiting my future best-seller, or are they just anxiously awaiting my retirement?

Trying to make sense of “30 Seconds” is like trying … oh, why even bother to complete the analogy? It’s just darn right impossible. When our webmaster came up with the Red State/Green State voting scheme for the online “30 Seconds,” I said sure, why not, it can’t get any more inane, can it?

Oh Ed., sometimes you’re so silly.

If nothing else, the voting system gives some instant interactivity to “30 Seconds” that it’s never had before, which is cool. And it puts some pretty primary-colored numbers off to the side, which is also cool. And I’m particularly fond of the new sorting feature, though I still think we should add a drop-down choice for “Most Inbred.”