Forum Fighter

Michael McGuire

What’s happening to our beloved Evening Sun Forum?

It’s become a wasteland.

Clicking on a posted topic these days is like lifting up a couch cushion at a frat party and discovering a well-placed pile of Milwaukee’s Best Keg vomit.

The forum has gotten so bad that it makes 30 seconds look like the New England Journal of Medicine.

It is so stinky we’ve actually discussed putting in some interactive scratch n’ sniff buttons next to each topic so you can get a hint of what you’ll be digging into.

Come on people! The uni-bomber’s manifesto made more sense than some of the stuff in there – and it was probably shorter, too.

Let’s play a game. Let’s see if we can have three posts on a topic that make sense and have a logical connection. Let’s keep them down to five or six normal sentences. If you’re feeling really froggy and want to throw in some evidence to back-up a point, put up a link rather than pasting in an entire article. And if you see a topic already in the forum that is a lot like the one you want to create, use it. Don’t just make a new one.

We have to conserve our free forum spaces, or else they will be gone.

Many of our native “forum-mericans” have already been pushed onto smaller, marginal forums because the greedy have taken up all the choice intellectual lands for themselves, only to waste it. Soon the forum, just like the once proud “Buck Corn Cobb,” our first user on the Evening Sun website, will disappear forever.

Hobbs = General Custer.