Norwich minute (Tuesday, March 6th)

Michael McGuire

Within the City of Norwich you’ve probably smelled a lot of skunk activity lately. No, it doesn’t mean spring is here early – if the Siberia-like weather wasn’t indication enough. More than likely, since they don’t really hibernate, it just means there’s enough garbage laying around to get the little stinkers up and at em’ full-time again. So if your nose, eyes, and mouth are burning in the morning, rest assure it is nothing to be thankful for.

If you drive down Silver Street, it’s apparent that shopping carts now play “king of the mountain” on top of snow banks and piles. Let’s give them sleds, hats, snowpants and some Kool-Aid mustaches and make them really fit in with the winter landscape.

Turning left onto Broad Street coming out of any street located in between Hale and Cortland Street should be prohibited between the hours of noon and 2:00 p.m. and then again from 4 to 6 p.m. If not every street, at least Front and Mechanic Streets. It’s no fun being stuck behind some airhead who’ll sit there for 5 minutes when they could have driven to a lighted intersection. Instead you watch them pull some shady maneuver, nearly cause a wreck, and probably flip somebody off for their stupidity.