Half our lives spent in winter

Tyler Murphy

Well I guess we deserved it. Coasting through fall and early winter as if our State suddenly migrated 300 miles south. Winter has finally made it’s late appearance but what an entrance the old man has made this year.

I was beginning to wonder if those winters were snow drifts flanking my parent’s driveway, so high you couldn’t see a thing pulling out from between them, were over. I remember climbing a few drifts that seemed like mountains when I was a kid. Until today I had forgotten about most of that.

Winter and snow are finally here for us and I wonder how many more lie ahead, it seems every year these blizzards become less severe and more of a rarity. My Grandparents used to rant on about how when they were a kid winters used to be an arctic ordeal and after so many “in my day” conversations I just let the remarks ricochet off my mind. (Sorry grandma and grandpa but I think you were right.) With all this talk about global warming has made me wonder if things really are changing forever. The hottest years on record keep racing for first place and last year 2006 took the title, will 2007 trump that performance?

Will our winter disappear? If they do I can’t honestly say I’d be totally innocent. I’ve cursed the damn winter weather at least a thousand times. All that freezing weather make any out door chore a dreaded obligation. When I think about losing it though I feel it would be missed. Then I remember the snow days which are key to any childhood memories. I remember sledding and snow ball fights. I love the idea of being able to chuck things at my siblings without worrying about getting in too much trouble.

All of us from the area have spent nearly half our lives with our feet in the snow but our children most likely will not. We all have at least half of all our memories set against a stage of white background and cold air.

I’m glad that today an old friend showed up to remind me of our memories together. Some are bad, some are good, but none the less we had them together and there is a comfort to be found in that. We’ve all taken winter for granted at one time or another hoping for summer to last forever but as the old saying goes be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.