“30 Seconds II: The Wrath of Ed.”

Jeff Genung

Of everything I’ve done in my celebrated 16-year career here at The Evening Sun, nothing has garnered me more fame and glory than the comments that I occasionally intersperse in ‘30 Seconds.’

Sad, but true.

Very early on in the cultural phenomenon which is ‘30 Seconds,’ I decided that while the whole idea for it was to be a reader response line, I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut. So, when the sheer stupidity of a certain call moved me to break my silence, I’d chime in with a comment of my own – in bold italics, and signed with a simple “Ed.”

It wasn’t long, of course, before Ed.’s pithy retorts became an integral, and anticipated, part of ‘30 Seconds’ lore. Pretty much every time I shot back in print, level-headed people would encourage me to do more of it. Well, those people who recognized that “Ed.” and I were one and the same … I have a feeling that most ‘30 Seconds’ readers think there’s some guy here named Ed making fun of them.

Either way, it works for me.

When “30 Seconds” spread via this site to the rest of the universe, it took on a new life of its own, another permutation of the virus. But something was missing – the fetid ramblings were unchecked by Ed.’s rapier-sharp wit.

So, this week, Ed. makes his debut in the online version of “30 Seconds.” And the fun never ends here at evesun.com ….