Stupid Bowl part II

Jessica Lewis

OK fine, I’m a hypocrite. I know I complained about the[tag]SuperBowl[/tag] only a week ago, but I did watch about half of it last night. I didn’t intend to. My shopping trip ended early. Who knew that you could take five women and a baby to a bridal store, try on your bridesmaid’s dresses and get out in under an hour?

I repeated my [tag]anti-football[/tag] stance multiple times throughout the day, resulting in my best friend disowning me and my baby puking on my shoes. (Well, that may not have been a result of the football comment, but I could see the resentment in his eyes.)

I arrived home with plenty of time to spare before the big game and began doing laundry. It was during this particular event that I found a sweatshirt with an old and faded Chicago logo on it. Interesting, I thought, but it wasn’t enough to convince me to watch the game. There was after all a [tag]Monk Marathon[/tag] on USA (I love Monk) and a puppy bowl on Animal Planet, besides, I had plenty of things to do around the house, and not enough time to do them in.

I attempted to continue my laundry, painting, mopping and shoveling projects, but a certain baby was in no mood to allow me to set him down, so after a few hours of pacing and bouncing, not the best idea, we sat down and turned on the television. As it turns out, the puppy bowl isn’t as exciting as it sounds and, thanks to the last eight weeks of weekend Monk marathons, I’ve seen every episode ever made, so I took out my football sweater and decided to root for Chicago.

Now you understand why I don’t watch football, the team I was cheering for lost and my baby has some strange ailment where he gets sick every time a touchdown is scored. (At least that’s what it seemed like.) We turned the game off after way before the end and settle in for a long night of over tired crying and grumpiness, and the baby was no picnic, either.

After all that, I’ve decided that my original assumption was right. Football is not for me. I’ve also decided that there are way too many Monk marathons, but that’s a topic for another day.