Stupid Bowl 41

Jessica Lewis

As I’m sure you all know, this weekend is the [tag]Super Bowl[/tag], or as my sister and I always referred to it, the [tag]Stupid Bowl[/tag]. If you can’t tell, we’re not big fans of football, and even the highly talked about commercials aren’t enough to hold our interest.

Frankly, I’ve never gotten the point of watching something just for the [tag]commercials[/tag], no matter how good they are. Are there commercials that make me laugh, yes, like the one where the gas tank pours garbage into the car. That always makes me laugh, but am I going to waste four hours of my life vegging on my couch so I can go to work and talk about them tomorrow, probably not.

The entire advertising market behind the Super Bowl seems like it has gotten out of control. 30 second ads cost millions of dollars, and while advertisers say it is worth it because of the vast number of people watching the game, people don’t even remember what many of the commercials advertised.

What is worse is the fuss made about the advertisements the next day. Call me crazy, but do you know what I like to see on the morning news? News. That’s about it. I don’t want in depth analysis of the [tag]Budweiser Frogs[/tag] that made such a splash -pardon the pun- I want to see a few news stories, maybe the weather and nothing else.

So have fun watching the Super Bowl this weekend, but I’m going to pass. While everyone else is watching, I’m going to be out shopping. There should be much less competition for a dressing room.