Michael McGuire

There are always winners and losers in a story. Any story. Just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Along those lines, someone brought up a thought provoking point to me earlier today (Jan. 24), expressing that this [tag]blog[/tag] is essentially an unprofessional tool of my trade (which is at this point more like an apprenticeship). They asked me how I could write objectively write about a story in one part of the website, and then use absurdity and mockery to express a strong opinion on the same subject in another part of the site.

No, this person was not a [tag]shopping cart[/tag] attendant.

I felt like telling them, “very carefully.” But they had a valid argument.

I don’t know how we keep it separate, and keep it objective. I know I take pride in keeping the facts straight, presenting all the sides, and letting the reader make their own judgment on a news story.

Sometimes the facts are ugly. Sometime’s people look ugly because that’s the part their actions or words have allowed you to see. Sometimes, a spade is a spade.

I call them like I see them. I call them as they’ve been presented to me.

A blog isn’t all that different. I’ll admit there is less emphasis on giving people the benefit of the doubt, especially if I personally think they don’t deserve it – doesn’t mean it is not the truth.

I think in the blogs, reporters, at least the way I approach it, put a lot more on the line than they do in a news story. While news might be controversial, we can find refuge in “objectivity.” In a blog, we are leaving are chins wide-open, and we are the only ones accountable for what we put down.

And just like a news story, people can comment and voice their views to me, agree or disagree, and take me to task if they have to.

Blogs provide an [tag]exercise in objectivity[/tag], while they may not be objective. There would be no point to reading a story and then reading a blog that says the same thing, presented the exact same way. Blogs, just like news, are meant to make people make a choice. If I wrote a blog, passed it off as objective, but it was false, than that is wrong and unprofessional. But if I present my opinion, and make that abundantly clear, and make a reader make a choice – than I think that is being responsible and smart, if not objective.