Kidnapping in Missouri

Jessica Lewis

I just finished reading the latest news about the two boys who were kidnapped in Missouri by the manager of a pizza shop. For those who are not familiar with the story, 13 year old Missouri boy went missing after getting off the school bus near his home. His friend saw a white truck speeding away from the location and was able to give the police a description of the vehicle. Four days after his abduction, the police found the 13 year old boy in Michael Devlin’s home, they found another teenage boy who had been missing for four years.

Television and print news agencies have been all over this story, and with good reason. A neighbor of Devlin’s even appeared on a news show the other day. This is the part that really concerns me. Devlin lived in an apartment complex about half an hour from where the boys were kidnapped. The neighbor admitted that he noticed that Devlin suddenly had a teenage boy living in his home. The neighbor went so far as to say how weird he found it that the boy rarely left the apartment and that Devlin was always with him when he did.

What kind of a person can see all of those facts, knowing that a boy, of approximately the same age, had been kidnapped in a neighboring town, and do nothing about it. At some point common sense has to kick in. There had to be at least some hint of suspicion.

I hate the fact that the boy had to suffer for 4 years before he was found, and I hate it even more that it seems so ridiculously obvious from an outsider’s view. I think there must have been at least one split second where this neighbor thought something seems wrong with this situation. People hate to get involved in other people’s business, and they are far too worried about how they will look if they are wrong. The more important question is how will I feel if I am right about this situation, and I do nothing about it.