‘Idol’ pleasures

Jeff Genung

I’d never fire someone for disagreeing with me, of course. But Mr. McGuire’s pushing it.

‘American Idol’ is a really good show.

Yes, I too resisted its charms for the first few seasons. When everyone was talking about Kelly, Justin, Clay, Reuben, Fantasia, Bo, et. al, I was curiously mute. Quickly, I’d try to divert attention to the aforementioned “Apprentice,” but it didn’t always work. I lived in fear that I’d be found out eventually. I was an ‘Idol’ virgin.

Then, last season, the compulsion to be In the Know overtook me. No self-respecting student of pop culture like myself could resist a phenomenon that had so entrenched itself in the modern lexicon. I had to tune in and spend 56 hours with Simon, Randy, Paula and Ryan. I would worship at the altar of ‘Idol.’

Simply by signing over a few precious days of my lifespan to the Fox network and its proud advertisers (I even went out and bought myself a Ford!), I was instantly plugged in to the nation-sweeping drama. I could chime in when someone talked about how Mandisa gave Simon what he deserved. I could nod in agreement when another said how dreamy Ace was. When someone said “Chicken Little,” I got the joke. I considered renaming my cat “Bucky Covington,” just because it flowed so swimmingly off the tongue.

So hold out if you can, Michael. If you’re content with not being One of Us, be my guest. Go ahead and read your books and newspapers and discuss ‘issues’ with your ‘friends.’ Resist the strains of ‘Since U Been Gone’ and listen to your ‘music’ instead. You may call it rugged individualism; I just call it being a loser.

Not The Biggest Loser, of course. That’s on another network.